You understand the importance of completing the Sworn Financial Statement with accurately and on time.  It is the primary document that is used to determine who gets what and if, how long, and how much child and or spousal support is awarded. You understand your clients are going through an emotional and overwhelming experience and want to provide the best legal services. Let ProVault help you provide your clients with the easiest, most cost-effective and accurate method of completing their paperwork.

ProVault is an online questionnaire that ultimately generates a Sworn Financial Statement as a PDF in Colorado State’s mandated format. ProVault’s online questionnaire replaces your paper client intake questionnaire as well as the paper questionnaire or paper SFS you currently give your clients to complete their Sworn Financial Statement.

Your clients enter their data online. ProVault uses state-of-the-art security technology  to ensure your clients’ personal and financial information is secure and confidential. ProVault has employed technology and procedures that allow both sides of the legal matter to use ProVault without compromising your client attorney privilege of confidentiality, such that even ProVault software engineers cannot access your clients’ data.

You have access to all your clients’ data through ProVault’s user interface. You can review and edit their information and then generate their Sworn Financial Statement in a PDF.

With ProVault, you can also share documents with your clients, including various versions of their SFS, Separation Agreement, Parenting Plan, correspondence, filings, and orders. ProVault allows you and your clients to manage their upcoming events such as appointments with you and scheduled events with the court, as well as keep track of mandatory and other disclosures and other homework assignments you give your clients.

All these services cost your firm only $25/month for up to three users. Your client is billed $85/matter. ProVault bills your firm $85 for each new client/matter you create, and you pass this fee on to your client, similar to how you pass through filing fees and courier fees to your clients. You have the option of purchasing packages of pre-paid per matter fees at a significant discount.

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